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A pharmacist with good people skills very rare. Always has what we need. Highly recommended. 


Ibrahim Nathanie

Mohamed provides a service like no other. With his vast experience and knowledge he gives the best advice on certain medical conditions. He is dedicated and committed and always attends to his patients’ needs and queries regardless of whether it is during working hours or not. His caring nature and concern makes Citipharm my first choice in Malawi! 

Sarah Parekh

A pharmacist who truly cares and goes above and beyond to ensure he has everything you need day or night! Always ready to offer advice and help in any way he can!!! Outstanding service! 

Zaiba Panjwani

This guy is so good you actually look forward to getting ill! 

Karan Savjani

Wonderful Pharmacist, always helpful and diligent! 

Shaheena Omar

The staff at Citipharm Pharmacy, Limbe, have always been helpful and friendly. They have often gone above and beyond to ensure I get my medication. 

Wesley Hartmann

One of the best stocked pharmacies with helpful staff.

Ben Turner

Amazing service as always!! Many thanks !

Sarah Jane Blaire

Thus the only place I know can get medication. They have what what a patient wants.

Joseph KB Kadzakumanja

Dear Mohamed,

It's that time of year again where I sit back and ponder on those who have played a crucial role in my life. Thank you as always for being one of the most reliable of health care professionals I have come across. I do not know, honestly, what I would do without you! I truly believe the pharmacy profession chose you as much as you chose to be a pharmacist. I understand why you chose pharmacy and why you are so passionate, it's evident in your everyday work and your being! I see the impact you have on our community and are blessed to have you here. Anytime of the day or night you take the time to respond and always with a smile! You are so much more than just some one that "licks, sticks, labels and pours"! Thank for always being there for my family!


Very speedy and prompt response! 


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